North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas

Tsunami Information Centre


Tsunami warning systems must go hand in hand with awareness and preparedness of the general public.

As part of this process, a Tsunami Information Centre (NEAMTIC) was established to provide information on warning systems, risks and good practices in respect of tsunamis and other sea-level related hazards for civil protection agencies, disaster management organizations, decision makers, schools, industries in the coastal zone and the general public. As such the NEAMTIC supports the development of the NEAMTWS.

Reducing the frequency of tsunami occurrences is not possible. For this reason, we need to ensure people in endangered coastlines are prepared and know what to do in case a tsunami warning has been issued by the national authorities. There is an ongoing need to better educate communities about tsunami threats, and we should all commit to continue the effort that has been started by NEAMTIC.