Richardson Shipdrift
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  • Name: Richardsons Shipdrift
  • Description - Shipdrifts are indirect determinations of ocean surface currents based on the ship drift method. In this method, the difference between a ship's dead-reckoned position determined from its previous position and from a navigational fix is ascribed solely to the effect of surface currents. The date, data source, position and current direction and speed are recorded for each observation. Richardsons Shipdrift represents his own analysis or derivation of the World Historical Spindrifts Archives.
  • Source - National Virtual Ocean Data System (NVODS)
  • GCMD Metadata Record
This legend scale (indicating 250 cm/sec) applies to the figures below.  Click on each figure to download a zipped shapefile of the vectors.  Click on this legend figure to download a shapefile of the reference arrow that will plot just north east of the continent of Africa.

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