Land Cover
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  • AVHRR Global Land Cover Classification
  • Description: The data sets describe the geographic distribution of land cover at regional and global scales (1 km). To develop improved methodologies for global land cover classifications as well as to provide global land cover products for immediate use in global change.
  • Citation: Hansen, M., DeFries, R., Townshend, J. R. G. and Sohlberg, R.. 1998. 1 Km Land Cover Classification Derived from AVHRR. College Park, Maryland: The Global Land Cover Facility.

  • Associated Peer-Reviewed Publication: Hansen, M., DeFries, R., Townshend, J. R. G. and Sohlberg, R., 2000, Global land cover classification at 1km resolution using a decision tree classifier, International Journal of Remote Sensing. 21: 1331-1365.
  • Source: Global Land Cover Facility

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  • Data:
    • Land cover data (Zipped  FLT and HDR files with geo-referenced JPEG image; 18 MB)
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