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Corals are marine animals, typically occurring in colonies, found in tropical and temperate seas.   Some corals contribute to the formation of coral reefs found in tropical and sub-tropical areas and many (although not all) are dependent on light for photosynthesis.  Data for coral reef distribution for coastal Africa are provided by ReefBase.

  • Name: Distribution of coral reefs in coastal Africa
  • Description: Coral reef distributions, including notable areas such as areas of recorded bleaching and/or diseased reef locations and monitoring sites.
  • Source: ReefBase 
  • Original Publisher: WorldFish Center
  • Citation: M. Noordeloos, M. Tupper, Y. Yusuf, M.K. Tan, S.L. Tan, S.J. Teoh, S. Ikbal. ReefBase: A Global Information System on Coral Reefs [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 15/11/06].
  • Processing notes: distribution data for coral reefs in coastal Africa, including bleaching, monitoring, diseased, and ICRAN sites, were extracted from ReefBase in tabular Excel (xls) format.  Point distribution data were edited if errors in the data were detected (e.g., latitude and longitude errors) and converted to shapefile format..
Data Distribution
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