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Human Environment
Atlas Team

DEFINITION:  A map showing certain fundamental information, on which is compiled additional data of specialized nature. Also a map to which all other maps and GIS map layers are registered and re-scaled. [From:]

  • Coastlines
  • Relief Data - Bathymetry (of the seafloor) and topography (of the land)
    • Contours - Depth displayed as lines (hand- or computer drawn) of equal altitude (land; topography) or equal depth (sea; bathymetry)
    • Grids - Orthogonal arrays of relief values, arranged in rows and columns that reflect geographic coordinates or projected coordinate systems
  • General Images - Graphical representations of global relief data or pseudo-color representations of other remotely-sensed geophysical data
  • Gazetteers - Structured lists of land and sea feature names
  • Ancillary Data - Area of Interest polygons; land and sea masks; graticules
  • Where Else to Look Human Environment (borders and other geopolitical boundary features)